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Email Encryption from Then to Now

Security Existence From Before – In ancient times, mails were encrypted by way of sealing wax as this not only protected the integrity of the mail, but also for tamper-proofing. A cracked seal would indicate a compromise of the document before reaching the intended recipient. In addition to the function of the wax seal, it was utilized as a source of

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Addressing the Security Gaps of Microsoft CA

Addressing the Security Gaps of Microsoft CA (ADCS)

In today’s Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) field, it is common to see organizations leverage on Microsoft Certificate Authority (CA) to build their internal PKI System. However, a lot of organizations are not aware of the security gaps that Microsoft brings to the table and what are the issues that might bring to them. In this blog, we will discuss the security

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The Importance of Certificate Management

Certificate management catches faulty, misconfigured, and expired certificates, then performs the following processes: Creating Purchasing Storing Disseminating Deploying Renewing Suspending Revoking Replacing A good certificate management system is capable of performing these actions for an entire certificate infrastructure, automatically and in real-time, to prevent downtime and outages. Why should organization care about Certificate Management? Many years ago, certificates are usually used

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