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Border Control – ePassport Validation Solution
ePassports are the most secure of travel documents. But without proper validation of the contents of the chip in an ePassport, the advantages of this increased security are not realised. Improper validation of ePassports leads to a “false” sense of security. The challenges to proper validation of the chip include:
  • Distributing your Country credentials to others through the ICAO PKD.
  • Sourcing of CSCA/DSC/CRL from multiple countries and downloading from the ICAO PKD.
  • Ensuring proper due diligence before using the ICAO PKD certificates and other sourced data.
  • Secure distribution to all validation points (border control).
  • Hiding the complexity of the ePassport validation process from the border control Immigration Officer and presenting the results in an easy to understand format.
  • Management of central Validation policies that can be pushed to the validation points.
  • Understanding the complexity, and the state of affairs and level of compliance (or non-compliance) of the actual ePassports in circulation.

Our Solution

With Netrust’s experience in implementing the ePassport Validation Solution in Singapore, Netrust can offer the consulting and provide the well tested solutions for integration in any country’s Border Control system. Our solution is modular and comprises the following:
  • ICAO PKD Upload Module.
  • ICAO PKD Download Module.
  • Country PKD.
  • Centrally Managed ePassport Validation Modules.
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