How TLS SSL Keeps Your Data Safe Data Encryption

How TLS/SSL Keeps Your Data Safe!

Generally, people don’t think much about how their data is transmitted across the internet but if you’re responsible for keeping sensitive information safe, it’s important to understand how TLS/SSL works and its importance. TLS (Transport Layer Security) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) are protocols that provide security for communication over networks such as the internet. They use a combination of public

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Secure SSL Encryption HTTPS Certificate

Benefits and Implications of Reduced SSL Certificate Lifespan

The world’s most popular security protocol, SSL/TLS, is a critical part of any organization’s digital strategy. However, since 1 September 2020, Apple started reducing SSL/TLS validity to just 398 days (one year, plus roughly one month to facilitate renewals). This decision was then followed by both Google and Mozilla. These web browser makers believed in the benefits of reduced SSL Certificate

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Tracking and Securing Assets in Organisation

Challenges in Tracking & Securing Assets in an Organization

An asset is defined in general dictionaries as something useful or valuable. The task of any organization is to ensure that the existing IT assets meet the said criteria above. It is undeniable that any component of an organization’s IT environment has a lifecycle, be it on the software or hardware level. Before we can even start to track this specific

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Secure Code Cybersecurity

How to Secure Code

Given the ubiquitous nature of information technology, anyone can pick up a computer, watch a tutorial, and start coding. This individual may then hone their skills via formal education or informal means such as boot camps and short courses, and eventually go on to create a career out of the skills they acquired. And despite having spent hours upon hours honing

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Cyber Disaster Cyber Security CyberSecurity SecurityBreaches Hackers

Preventing Cyber Disaster from Occurring in Your Organisation

I was planning to write my opinions about the breach on Optus when I read about the news that Telstra was under attack as well. In case you are unaware of what has happened, in late September 2022, Optus released a statement that it was “investigating the possible unauthorised access of current and former customers’ information”. It has been further revealed

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Vulnerability Management

Understanding the Importance of Vulnerability Management

In the ever-changing market for cybersecurity today, organizations rely on numerous software solutions and applications which are either developed in-house or from other IT service providers to remain on the top of the curve. While these options help improve the efficiency of the system as well as experiences for both employees and customers, it is also prone to vulnerabilities that can

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Encryption Secure Email Encrypt Key Secure Key PKI

Email Encryption from Then to Now

Security Existence From Before – In ancient times, mails were encrypted by way of sealing wax as this not only protected the integrity of the mail, but also for tamper-proofing. A cracked seal would indicate a compromise of the document before reaching the intended recipient. In addition to the function of the wax seal, it was utilized as a source of

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Digital Signing Document Electronic

Digital Signing – Where Do I Start?

We’re on the brink of the Digital Era and soon approaching the post-Digital Era. Many things are slowly being replaced by technology. When ordering food, we will order it through food delivery applications. We book transportation through ride-hailing transport services instead of hailing a taxi from the street. Clearly, technology is an essential tool that we cannot avoid, it plays an

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