Data Loss Protection


Companies in regulated industries must comply with cybersecurity regulations, yet also keep their operations lean and competitive. We help you achieve both.
Organizations in financial services, healthcare, energy and other regulated industries must demonstrate compliance with regulations including Sarbanes–Oxley, HIPAA, FINRA, PCI and more. In such an environment, you know how important it is to get up to speed with compliance quickly, and to show improvement in adherence from one audit to the next.
Yet how do you keep the regulators happy — and genuinely improve your cybersecurity controls and tracking — without drowning in red tape? Let us show you how, using our comprehensive security product line and drawing on our decades of experience with regulated businesses and government agencies.
Forcepoint helps you maintain and demonstrate compliance with:
  • Pre-defined policies to address national and regional data protection regulations from almost 60 countries around the world
  • Easy setup that allows you to deploy our data loss prevention (DLP) solution in days, not months, using our set-up wizard and preconfigured templates
  • Streamlined reporting from our unified central management tools
Forcepoint Data and Endpoint Security extends data security controls to enterprise cloud applications and to your endpoints. Safely leverage powerful cloud services like Microsoft Office 365, Google for Work and, as well as protecting your sensitive data and intellectual property on Windows and Mac laptops, both on and off-network.


  • Unique PreciseID Fingerprinting detects even a partial fingerprint of structured (database records) or unstructured data (documents) on Mac and Windows endpoints – whether an employee is working in the office or on the road
  • The industry’s only Incident Risk Ranking dashboard:
    • Quickly identify incidents for immediate remediation action from statistical data modeling and behavioral baselining
    • See top cluster of incidents for the previous 24 hours (midnight to midnight) and prior 7 days on the Data Security dashboard
    • Instantly prioritize cases from high-to-low risk levels with customizable risk score thresholds delivered in an Incident Risk Ranking report stack
    • Know which cases exceed the risk score threshold in the designated time period that you’ve selected

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