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In today’s dynamic business environment, organizations are faced with overwhelming amounts of unstructured data. Unstructured data include documents containing intellectual property, Personal Identifiable Information (PII), customer data, employee information, electronic medical records and financial information.
File Servers, Network Storage, Portals, Cloud Storage and Big Data solutions are often the places where the information are stored, then these are accessed via various channels such as network drives, applications, different devices.
These are the enterprise assets that your business relies. Data leakage or un-authorised access to these assets could result in litigation, loss of reputation, loss of intellectual property – all of these have profound adverse impact on your business. Even as most organizations realize controls for managing user access is essential, they still need to ask themselves if they’re doing enough.
Identifying who has access to what, and the risks associated with such access, can be a daunting task. Managing user access to file shares is complex, labor-intensive and prone to errors – and often goes unmanaged.
Deep IACM integration with Data Governance Manager (Deep DGM) provides complete solutions to the above challenges. Deep DGM discover and reconcile all users and assets (unstructured data) across enterprise systems to identify assets and its owners. Enterprises have 360 degree view of who has access to what enabling appropriate follow on actions.
Assets-Owners reconciliation facilitates access review process. Such access reviews to assets (unstructured data) can be automated and run as a campaign. Reviewers including the end-users of these unstructured data can review data and decide on appropriate actions to be taken such as:
  • Remove unused assets
  • Add/remove/modify access to assets
  • Take ownership on these assets
  • Set purging policies for assets not touched based on number of days (inactivity days)
Access request with approval workflow is available to manage lifecycle of these assets. No longer needed are the interventions to manually create folders/containers/files and assigning access to users and groups. This entire process now can be automated with central audit trail and reports.

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