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Netrust (NETID) Digital Certificate

The Crypto-card/USB token with the Netrust (NetID) digital Certificate (certificate) is like an identity card. The onus is on the Applicant to safeguard his/her card/token. If the card/token is stolen or lost, it must be reported to Netrust Pte Ltd immediately so that Netrust can revoke the certificate. The Crypto-card/USB token is protected with the user’s password. The password must always be kept private and confidential. There will be legal implications if the card/token is transferred or used by another person for unauthorized activities. The Applicant shall be held liable in the event of any breach of trust.

If the Applicant forgets his/her password or the card/token is locked after ten (10) cumulative unsuccessful attempts to provide the correct password, the Applicant has to visit Netrust Pte Ltd for a re-issuance of Netrust Digital Certificate. The cost of re-issuing the certificate is S$10.

Inform Netrust Pte Ltd immediately by submitting a Netrust Certificate Management Request Form. The certificate will then be revoked.
Cost for replacement of Crypto-card/USB token is as follows. All prices are subjected to 7% GST.

1. Administrative Fee $10 (one-time cost)
2. Crypto Token $100

All prevailing GST applies.

On-site technical support is available by appointment. On-site services include certificate generation, software installation or trouble-shooting and are available at the following charges:

1. Transportation Charge $50.00 per trip (to and fro)
2. On-site Service:
(i) 1st hour (subject to the min. of 1 hour);
(ii) Subsequent hour (to the nearest following hour)

All prevailing GST applies.

1) Windows Vista
2) Windows 7 (32/64-Bit)
3) Windows 8/8.1
4) Windows 10

  • Netrust Customer Service Hotline: 6212 1388 (please leave voicemail, if necessary)
  • Email:
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