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Netrust (NETID) Digital Certificate

The cryptographic token with the Netrust (NetID) Digital Certificate (certificate) is like an identity card. The onus is on the Applicant to safeguard his/her token. If the token is stolen or lost, it must be reported to Netrust Pte Ltd immediately so that Netrust can revoke the certificate. The cryptographic token is protected with the user’s password. The password must always be kept private and confidential. There will be legal implications if the token is transferred or used by another person for unauthorized activities. The Applicant shall be held liable in the event of any breach of trust.

If the Applicant forgets his/her password or the token is locked after ten (10) cumulative unsuccessful attempts to provide the correct password, the Applicant has to visit Netrust Pte Ltd for a re-issuance of Netrust Digital Certificate. The cost of re-issuing the certificate is S$10.

Inform Netrust Pte Ltd immediately by submitting a Netrust Certificate Management Request Form. The certificate will then be revoked.
Cost for replacement of cryptographic token is as follows:

1. Administrative Fee $10 (one-time cost)
2. Cryptographic Token $100

All prices are subject to 7% GST.