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Secure Communications, Hardware/ Software

To leverage on the identification and security features of Netrust Digital Certificates, Netrust-supplied toolkits can be used to integrate certificate support into your applications. The toolkits, which can be obtained directly from Netrust at no charge, are based on industry standards and are extremely easy to use. Alternatively, you may approach a Netrust Alliance Partner to help in the development or integration. There are also many Netrust-ready products that are available off-the-shelf including email, electronic forms, firewalls, remote access, access control, mainframe access products etc. These products support the use of Netrust Digital Certificates and require little or no integration effort.

Probably none. Until recently North American companies were prohibited from exporting 128 bit software (with a few exceptions). Although US companies sell 128 bit software inside North America they were not allowed to export it. Netrust can provide you the add-on software needed to allow your web server, browser and email programs to communicate securely.

Aside from Netrust-ready websites, Netrust certificates are only able to work with software that supports fully secure scrambling and digital signatures. If you have a fully secure version of Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Opera Browser, then you won’t need any software from Netrust. For the rest of us, Netrust supplies the necessary fully secure software for web browsers, web servers, email programs and other more specialised purposes.

Netrust Net-IDs can be stored on cryptographic tokens, which are portable so you can work securely from anywhere. Cryptographic tokens are more secure as your key pairs are generated on the token and cannot be removed or duplicated.

Cryptographic tokens give another advantage. There is no need for card readers as they simply plug into USB ports found on most laptops and personal computers.