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Private Label CA Service

Many organisations that are considerig implementing PKI as a security solution for a closed user group setting usually end up with the question of whether they should go ahead and invest in a managed in-house PKI system, or simply opt for the general services of a public Certificate Authority (CA).

Unless the organization is very large, setting up an internal CA may cost more than using a public CA, even though it may appear cheaper at first. This is because setting up a high-security CA not only requires dedicated hardware and professional implementer. Highly skilled and trusted personnel must also be on hand to manage and operate the CA on a daily basis.

Netrust's Private Label CA Service effectively frees you from having to make this decsion by giving you the best of both worlds. By creating a separate private label sub-CA under the Netrust root, Netrust's Private Label CA Service lets you issue certificates under the umbrella of your own brand to your customers or users, while leveraging on Netrust's world-class CA infrastructure and technical expertise. This allows you to extend your corporate branding throughout the e-business authentication process without incurring the high costs of setting up your own CA.

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