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About Netrust

Established in 1997, Netrust is Asia’s first Public Certificate Authority (CA) and Singapore’s only commercial IMDA-accredited CA. Netrust provides individuals, business and government organizations with a complete online identification and security infrastructure to enable secure electronic transactions. Besides certificate provisioning, Netrust delivers high quality professional services including security consulting, PKI deployment and custom application development. As a testament to the streamlined business and operational process within Netrust, the Controller of CA awarded the CA License (now Accreditation) to Netrust in June 2001. As an Accredited CA, parties relying on Netrust certificates enjoy the benefits of evidentiary presumption and users are assured of the legality and security of their transactions.




Netrust is proud to announce the launch of our new company logo and website as part of the ongoing evolution of our brand. Over the years, our business has grown and evolved greatly, and we felt it is time for a brand refresh to reflect this change. Yet, our new logo still retains the iconic “N” and tagline “YOU CAN BE SURE” to reflect our unwavering commitment to inspire confidence in this ever-changing cybersecurity threat landscape.


Netrust Pte Ltd jointly organizes E-Identity and E-Government seminar with the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Myanmar. The primary objective of the 2-day seminar is to share Netrust’s vast experiences in designing and implementing e-Government solutions in ASEAN countries.



Netrust is awarded with Top Honour with CIOHONOUR® AWARDS. The CIOHONOUR® AWARDS is a powerful endorsement promoted by CXOHONOUR®, a recognized endorsement platform amongst the CIO community in Singapore. The top honors were endorsed by an independent advisory council of eminent CIOs based on the results from an Opinion Poll that was made available to over 500+ CIOs in Singapore.



Netrust acquires Titan Security. Via the integration of the two companies, operations will be both seamless and efficient as a wider range of security expertise is offered to Titan Security customers and partners. In addition, clients will receive a stronger financial resource and a better market reach.


Netrust Pte Ltd Incorporates Netrust Philippines. Netrust, as Asia’s first Public Certification Authority (CA) and the leading Digital ID Service Provider in Singapore, brings its expertise to the Philippines.


Netrust Awarded Nigeria Immigration Service Contract
Netrust implemented the National PKD solution for Nigeria, with its integration with ICAO PKD and the Nigeria border control system for the validation of e-passports.


Netrust Pte Ltd Incorporates TBOP
TBOP’s work is focused on deploying software solutions to the world’s lowest socio-economic level. These are the category of the world’s population vulnerable due to lack of education, lack of information and other economic, cultural and social deprivations.


Netrust Pte Ltd Incorporates Auctorizium
Auctorizium is a company specializing in providing E-Passport, Public Key Directory, Border Control and Security solutions.



Netrust completed the CA Upgrade and OCSP implementation for the CAT Telecom. CAT is operating as a Public CA in Thailand. The OCSP implementation is based on Corestreet for an initial 6,000 users. This same infrastructure would be expanded to support its nation-wide public CA service.


Netrust completed implementation of a 2-Factor Authentication solution for a Malaysia Bank. This solution is integrated with PKI and is used for approval signing.


Netrust was awarded a major Project from E-Government National Centre, Prime Minister’s Office, Brunei. The Project involves all consultancy and policy formulation work, and implementation of a turnkey solution for the System, which includes a Root CA and a Government Sub-CA, plus consultancy and guidelines for the use of the CA for secure VPN, secure wireless LAN, secure email and other Corporate-wide applications.


Contract was awarded to Netrust by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to setup and operate the global Public Key Directory (PKD).


Netrust launched its first suite of security solutions. In addition to functioning as a public CA, Netrust has evolved over the years to become a Security Solutions Provider. Netrust has a whole suite of cryptographic-based security solutions that can optimize any investments in public key infrastructure (PKI).


Netrust became a Licensed CA in June 2001, under the regime of the Electronic Transactions act (ETA). Netrust positioned itself as a Security Company providing a host of security solutions and security consultancy services.


Netrust was started by the National Computer Board (now IMDA) as the first public CA in Asia, and incorporated in 1997.

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