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Public Accredited CA

As a testament to the streamlined business and operational processes within Netrust, the Controller of CA in Singapore first awarded the CA License (now Accreditation) to Netrust in June 2001. The online applications supported include secure access to government applications, Internet banking, supply chain management, virtual private networks, and secure access to intranet portals. As an Accredited CA, parties relying on Netrust certificates enjoy the benefits of legal presumption, and users are assured of the legality and security of their transactions.

Security Solutions

Our extensive portfolio covers a variety of categories, from digital certificates to encryption solutions, infrastructure to application security, and specialized consultancy services. As a homegrown company, we also take pride in showcasing and collaborating with other Singapore-based companies, contributing to the growth of the local tech and cybersecurity ecosystem. Explore the following areas to learn more about our offerings and discover how Netrust can help you secure your digital assets and operations:
    1. PKI Services (Netrust Certificates): As an Accredited CA, Netrust issues digital certificates for various applications, ensuring authentication, encryption, and non-repudiation of online communications, safeguarding sensitive information and transactions.
    2. Identity and Access Management (IAM): Netrust provides comprehensive identity management and access control solutions, including multi-factor authentication and PKI-based authentication, ensuring secure access to critical systems and data.
    3. Encryption Solutions: Offering a wide range of encryption solutions, such as file encryption, hard disk encryption, and secure email, Netrust helps organizations protect their sensitive data and maintain privacy in digital communications.
    4. Cyber Security Solutions: Netrust delivers robust cyber security solutions, including secure desktop environments and secure archival of documents, to safeguard an organization’s digital assets and operations.
    5. Consultancy Services: Netrust’s high-value security consultancy services include security architecting, Certificate Authority & PKI planning and development, and custom application development, assisting organizations in implementing and expanding the use of cryptography and security solutions.
    6. Made in Singapore: As Singapore’s only commercial IMDA-accredited CA, Netrust is proud to be a homegrown company, offering innovative security solutions and services tailored to the specific needs of businesses and organizations in the region.

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