Highly configurable for digital signing integration
Enhance your business applications with strong Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) authentication and digital signing API capabilities on any file types, delivering freedom of choice, compliance and a seamless user experience. Contact us for a demo.

Quick Product Overview

Why nSignCore?

Built upon PKI standards and best practices, nSignCore enables your business applications to perform digital signing via simple-to-integrate REST APIs. It is designed to integrate with your existing applications easily and can also be used as a standalone application, which makes it interoperable and language agnostic. Customers need not understand the complex cryptographic & authentication workflows and can focus on their business application development. Combined with nSignBasic, a digital certificate issued by Netrust, your digitally signed documents will be legally binding under Singapore’s Electronic Transactions Act when incorporating nSignCore.
nSignCore provides four different options for business applications to offer digital signing – nSignCore Online/Desktop/NDI/Mobile. These options allow your business the freedom to enable digital signing with any file formats on a website, desktop, mobile, within a backend process or a combination of options. Digital signing can be performed with cryptographic keys stored in different devices such as a USB cryptographic token (eToken) or Singpass app for individual signing, or a Hardware Security Module for server side signing. Being highly configurable allows your business the flexibility to adopt digital signatures easily and in a way that fits and fulfils your requirements.
nSignCore Online is a web service designed to help automate digital signing by an organisation, thereby sealing the data which can be in the form of files or transactions. A digital signature is an electronic, encrypted stamp of authentication on digital information. It allows one to easily identify the authenticity of the document, hence protecting the branding of the organisation.
* Document Authorship: Digital seals embed verified details of your organisation, including the business name and an optional department
* Automation: Automate digital signing of documents without user involvement, reducing the risks and resources required for manual signing
* Bulk Signing: Improve your business efficiency by reducing repetitive manual processing
Use Cases
* Sealing of sensitive documents that users upload to your business applications to prevent tampering
* Sealing of data entries that users submit to your business applications to ensure compliance and integrity of data transmitting between upstream and downstream applications
* Automated single/bulk signing of documents issued by organisations like purchase orders, invoices, professional certificates, academic transcripts, etc where authorship is important
* Automated single/bulk backend verification of digitally signed files to ensure the authorship and integrity of files before processing by backend workflow
A desktop application that enables user to sign with their nSignBasic certificate saved within a USB cryptographic token. Digital signing using nSignBasic can also be built within a business process by connecting to nSignCore Desktop via nSignCore.
In support of the Singapore Government’s National Digital Identity (NDI) Initiative, nSignCore has tightly integrated with Sign with Singpass to empower businesses and their customers to digitally sign on any PDF document using their Singpass app.
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An SDK application supported on iOS and Android that provides PKI authentication and digital signing capabilities on the go.

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