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Netrust: Your Trusted Certification Authority in Singapore

Established in 1997, Netrust is Asia’s first Public Certificate Authority (CA) and Singapore’s only commercial IMDA-accredited CA. We provide individuals, businesses, and government organizations with a comprehensive online identification and security infrastructure to enable secure electronic transactions.
Netrust is accredited by Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) as a trusted Certificate Authority (CA), attesting to its high standards in issuing and managing digital certificates essential for secure online transactions and communications. This accreditation underscores Netrust’s commitment to security, reliability, and compliance within Singapore’s digital ecosystem.   Traditionally, our customers are from highly-regulated industries who require high-trust, legal certainty, and an on-premise solution. These are now joined by many thousands of smaller organizations who are benefiting from our nSignHub cloud service. No matter cloud or on-premise, we are committed to delivering the latest e-signature technology and a great support service to all our customers.

Can I trust a locally based Certification Authority like Netrust?

Absolutely. Netrust has been a trusted provider of secure electronic transaction solutions since 1997. Our long-standing presence in the industry, coupled with our status as Asia’s first Public Certificate Authority and Singapore’s only commercial IMDA-accredited CA, speaks volumes about our reliability and credibility.

Are certificates issued by Netrust, a Certification Authority based in Singapore, globally recognized?

Yes, they are. Netrust’s certificates are used by a wide range of users, including employees, partners, contractors, and consumers, both locally and internationally. Our status as Asia’s first Public Certificate Authority and Singapore’s only commercial IMDA-accredited CA ensures that our certificates are globally recognized and trusted.

How secure are the solutions provided by Netrust, a Certification Authority based in Singapore?

Netrust’s solutions are designed with cutting-edge security protocols to ensure the highest level of security. We constantly update our systems to address emerging threats and to provide you with a secure environment for electronic transactions. Our accreditation by IMDA further attests to our commitment to security.

Netrust is proud to partner with leading technology vendors based in Singapore. Discover our technology partnerships and how they contribute to our mission of enabling secure electronic transactions. Check out some of our local partners below:

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