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WebOrion Introduction

WebOrion is an AI-powered web security suite that uses patented technologies to provide our clients with a unique set of counter measures against web hackings including defacements, data breaches, drive-by downloading, Blackhat SEOs, etc.  WebOrion is an innovative creation of Cloudsine Pte Ltd.

WebOrion Monitor

 WebOrion® Defacement Monitor provides near real-time alerts in the event of a web defacement. The high-fidelity approach in monitoring websites, using powerful and innovative engines, provides customer with a high level of assurance and reliability.

AI Powered NLP Engine
    • WebOrion learns from >10years of real world defacements to create an intelligent AI engine that will automatically classify any webpage changes for defacements.
 Visual Defacement Monitoring
    • The WebOrion® Monitor uses a patent pending image analytics engine to periodically take screenshots of your website, monitoring either specific regions or the entire page for visual changes made to your site. Detect website defacements immediately as it happens and respond to incidents swiftly.
Content and Integrity Monitoring
    • The WebOrion® Monitor also uses a content analytics engine and advanced integrity engine to aid the decision-making process to quickly and reliably determine if your website was defaced.
Intelligent Baselining Process
    • The WebOrion® Monitor uses an intelligent baselining process to effectively whitelist regions of a page to be monitored and identifies elements that could potentially lead to frequent false positives. You will be in control of the entire baselining process so that the monitoring process will be seamless from day 1.
Proactive Alerts and Notifications
    • The WebOrion® Monitor monitors your website for changes periodically, with intervals as frequent as every 5 minutes. Should a change be detected by the WebOrion® Monitor, you have the option of receiving alerts via email and/or SMS.
Flexible Deployment Models
    • Let WebOrion® suit your organisation’s security and compliance requirements. The WebOrion® Monitor can be deployed through cloud-based SaaS or as a virtual appliance.

WebOrion Restorer

WebOrion® Restorer will create the latest version of a Secure Replica of the website – one that removes most of the security vulnerabilities, so that the website cannot be easily hacked again. This allows time and space to conduct investigations, do forensic analysis and perform system recovery while the Secure Replica maintains the public web presence.
Secure Web Page Replication
    • The WebOrion® Restorer intelligently crawls and creates a copy of every page on your website, stripping out potentially vulnerable parts while maintaining the look and feel of most of the website. This ensures that when your website is restored to the replicated state, your website and web servers will be safe from any vulnerabilities.
One-Click Instant Failover
    • Seamless integration with different technologies, platforms and architectures to achieve automated or 1-click restoration of web presence, which will take effect instantly. No custom software or hardware installation is required on your web server.
Integrates with WebOrion® Monitor
    • The WebOrion® Restorer integrates natively with the WebOrion® Monitor, allowing you to swiftly respond to defacements by restoring your original web presence automatically when a defacement is detected. Ensure zero downtime and maintain your brand reputation regardless of attacks.

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