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Netrust is Asia’s first public Certificate Authority (CA) and Singapore’s only commercial IMDA-accredited CA. Established in 1997, we have been providing digital ID certificates widely used for secure authentication, secure VPN, secure email, digital signing and other applications. Private sector companies and Government agencies such as Building and Construction Authority, Singapore Land Authority and Land Transport Authority employ Netrust’s PKI solutions in their environment to enhance security and convenience, and to safely complete their electronic transactions on the Internet. Read more about us here.
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    Our Office
    19 Tai Seng Avenue
    Singapore 534054

    Monday – Friday: 9am – 5.30pm

    UEN: 199702368H
    General Enquiries
    (65) 6212 1388
    Sales Enquiries
    SSL Related Enquiries
    You can reach us at
    Contact: (65) 6212 1388 / (65) 6212 1363
    sslsales@netrust.net / sales@netrust.net

    Sales Enquiries
    You can reach us at
    Contact : (65) 6212 1388