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A web-based platform that allows you to digitally sign PDF documents using your Singpass app. No registrations or setup needed. Documents are purged regularly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sign with Singpass?

On 5th November 2020, Singapore’s Government Technology Agency (GovTech) launched Sign with Singpass that allows Singpass users to use their Singpass app to digitally sign an electronic document. This digital signature is identifiable and uniquely linked to the signer.

Is nSignSG service free?

Yes, as of now, nSignSG is free for public use. There are no plans to convert nSignSG service to a paid service.

Why is Netrust making this service free?

Netrust believes that digital signatures should be widely used adopted for its enhanced security. We decided to make this service free to increase its adoption and also to support the Singapore Government’s National Digital Identity (NDI) Smart Nation strategic national project.

Are digital signatures made using nSignSG regarded as Secure Electronic Signatures (SES)?

Yes. nSignSG enables users to access Sign with Singpass feature to digitally sign on documents. Digital signatures made using Sign with Singpass are regarded as Secure Electronic Signatures under Singapore’s Electronic Transactions Act.

How do I configure Adobe Acrobat Reader to automatically validate the digital signature generated using Sign with Singpass in a signed document?

Please refer to the User Guide prepared by GovTech here.

To sign using digital signatures that are automatically trusted by Adobe programs (AATL or Adobe Approved Trust List), check out nSignBasic.

Do I need Singpass to use nSignSG?

Yes, this service uses your Singpass app to sign on the documents.

What if I do not have Singpass?

You can consider using nSignBasic, a digital ID issued by Netrust. Netrust is an accredited Certificate Authority (CA) in Singapore so digital signatures created using nSignBasic will also be regarded as Secure Electronic Signatures (SES) under Singapore’s Electronic Transactions Act.

If you have other signing needs, check out other solutions in our nSign Digital Signing Suite.

Is it secure to upload my documents?

Netrust has been in the industry since 1997 and security has always been our utmost concern, options are available to host in your environment if you want to process the documents without uploading to our servers

Does Netrust store my uploaded documents?

No, Netrust does not store any of the uploaded documents beyond what is necessary. You will only be able to download your documents within 10 minutes after the document is signed, so please download the signed document within this time. Netrust will not be able to recover any signed documents on your behalf.

Is the signing process with National Digital Identity (NDI) secure?

Yes. During the digital signing process, no document data will be transferred between Netrust and the government platform. Instead, only a cryptographically random, unintelligible and irreversible code representing the signed document will be transferred during the transaction. Cybersecurity measures in line with industry best practices have been implemented within the service.

Check out our other solutions in nSign Digital Signing Suite.

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