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Netrust SingPass Authentication Module (SAM)

Netrust SingPass Authentication Module


GovTech, together with Accenture released a new interface specifications in 2015 based on SAML2.0 protocol for the connection to the new Singpass. SAML 2.0 is an XML‐based protocol that uses security tokens containing assertions to pass information about an end user (Singpass users) between an IDENTITY PROVIDER, (in this case, Accenture/IDA) and a SERVICE PROVIDER (in this case, the government agencies).

In line with the new requirement from GovTech, Agencies/Companies that requires a Singpass Service Provider (SP) Module which will be used to connect to the new Singpass/Corppass system, as implemented by Accenture using SAML2.0 protocol.

Netrust Service Provider Module, SAM (Singpass/Corppass Authentication Module), handles the SAML operations required for Singpass/Corppass Authentication to help agencies or companies integrate their eServices with the new Singpass/Corppass. Netrust provides a turnkey solution to Singpass/Corppass integration.

With over 20 eServices integrated with Singpass using SAM, Netrust is confident to support our customer with most positive and seamless Singpass integration experience.

Netrust SAM for SingPass LOGIN

As part of the national digital identity (NDI) initiative, GovTech is working with industry partners to extend the use of SingPass Mobile to enable businesses to streamline their processes, and save users the hassle of remembering different login credentials. In 2019, GovTech released SingPass LOGIN, enabling businesses to use SingPass Mobile for a “password-less” login, creating a FRICTIONLESS CUSTOMER LOGIN experience.

In support of this initiative, Netrust has built a similar SAM (SingPass Authentication Module) that will handle the OpenID Connect (OIDC) operations required for the integration with SingPass. Netrust SAM acts as the bridge between the company’s business application server (Relying Party) and SingPass (OIDC Provider), immediately enabling business applications to be OIDC compliant, allowing a quick and easy integration with SingPass.

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