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Certificate Policies (CP) and the Certification Practice Statement (CPS) constitute a basis for the accreditation of a Certification Authority (CA). By definition: The CP, is a named set of rules that indicate the applicability of a certificate to a particular community and/or class of application with common security requirements; The CPS, is a detailed statement of practices and operational procedures which a CA employs in the issuance of certificates. As a CA, Netrust makes a statement of association when it issues a certificate. It means that the certificate is associated with the person or equipment uniquely named within that certificate. However, the extent to which Netrust Relying Parties rely on that statement needs to be assessed by the Netrust Relying Parties.


Certificate Practice Statement

Netrust has introduced one single CPS to support the above CP(s). Each CP must be read in conjunction with the CPS. The Netrust CP(s) and CPS are to be understood and consulted by Netrust Relying Parties. The Relying Parties should assess their own requirements when relying on a particular Netrust certificate, taking into consideration the Netrust CP, applicable to that Netrust Certificate, together with the Netrust CPS.

Download Netrust’s Certificate Practice Statement (CPS)
Download Netrust’s Digital Signature Verification Statement


Certificate Policies

Netrust issues multiple classes of certificates to support different certificate user communities. Each class of certificates is governed by a CP that differentiates the use of the certificates for different application purposes and/or by different certificate user communities.


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