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Future-Proof Singpass Implementation with Netrust Hosted SAM

Seamlessly integrate Singpass Myinfo upgrades


Netrust Hosted SAM,

the Timesaver to Your Singpass Login or Singpass Myinfo Integration

Netrust Hosted SAM offers a flexible solution for your Singpass Login and Myinfo integration requirements. With the forthcoming updates to Singpass, our service ensures your organisation is prepared for any version changes, providing ample time for migration.

Integrate with Easy REST API calls

Integration without SAM
Integration with SAM
Effortless Integration: Experience hassle-free integration with our easy-to-use REST API, connecting you to Singpass services efficiently.
Streamlined Migration: Migration to newer Singpass Myinfo versions is more manageable with our guidance, ensuring compliance without a rush or added costs.
Simplified Complexity: Our solution reduces the complexity of connecting to Singpass, saving you time and resources.
Expert Support: Rely on our dedicated team for all technical needs, allowing you to focus on your core business.
Cost-Efficient Migration: Transition to Netrust Hosted SAM without initial costs, with payment starting only after your current license expires. (Terms and conditions apply.)
Continuous Compliance: Stay up-to-date with Singpass standards through our continuous monitoring service.

Follow these easy steps to migrate to Netrust Hosted SAM:  

    1. Register for Netrust Hosted SAM service
    2. Integrate our REST API
    3. Test the integration with our support
    4. Launch and transition smoothly to the latest Singpass Myinfo version
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In Short

Netrust will handle the following for you:

All cryptographic operations
All backend communication with Singpass Myinfo

Enable your services with other Singpass products
(Additional license may apply)

Maintenance of Netrust hosted SAM (HW/SW)

Updates according to Singpass requirements


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Netrust Hosted SAM and how does it benefit my organisation?

Netrust Hosted SAM offers a flexible platform for integrating Singpass services like Myinfo with your systems. It streamlines the process by handling the technical aspects, such as cryptographic operations and authentication, enabling your team to concentrate on business priorities.

Are there costs involved in migrating to Netrust Hosted SAM?

Migration to Netrust Hosted SAM is initially free. Charges apply after your current certificate license expires. For detailed pricing, please reach out to our support.

Can Netrust Hosted SAM be set up in different environments?

Absolutely. Netrust Hosted SAM is versatile, and suitable for both cloud and on-premise setups, ensuring a smooth integration with your existing infrastructure.

What's the expected timeframe for migrating to Netrust Hosted SAM?

Migration time can vary, depending on your current setup’s complexity. Our support team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and efficient transition.

Is Netrust Hosted SAM compatible with my current business applications?

Yes, Netrust Hosted SAM is designed to work seamlessly with various business applications, facilitating integration with Singpass services and enhancing your customer engagement.

Will Netrust Hosted SAM stay current with future Singpass updates?

Definitely. We ensure Netrust Hosted SAM remains updated with the latest Singpass specifications, maintaining compliance and security.

What support does Netrust provide during migration?

Our expert team offers comprehensive support throughout the migration process, from initial setup to final implementation, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

What does a single license cover?

Each license includes 1200 transactions per year, with each Myinfo transaction counting as one. It’s not based on API calls, and you can purchase additional blocks for more transactions.

Where can I find more information on Myinfo requirements?

You can find out more information here.

By using Netrust Hosted SAM services, you agree to Netrust Hosted SAM Terms of Service.

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