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Netrust Digital Certificates
Netrust offers digital certificates for individuals (personal use), members of organisations (corporate use), as well as servers.

Netrust Net-ID for Individuals/Members of Organisations

Netrust Net-IDs can be issued to individuals for personal or corporate use. They render full support for 2048 bit encryption/decryption and digital signing, and can be issued via cryptographic tokens to give you complete digital credential portability so you can work securely from anywhere at any time.

Cryptographic tokens do, however, provide higher levels of security as:
  • They provide two-factor security - you have your own token and your own password to prevent unauthorized access
  • Key pairs are generated on the token and can never be removed from the token
  • Key encryption/decryption is carried out by a dedicated onboard processor
Netrust Server Certificate Netrust Server Certificates can be used for a variety of online applications including Internet banking, secure access to government applications, supply chain management, virtual private networks and intranet portals. Together with Net-IDs, Netrust Server certificates provide you full support for 2048 bit end-to-end online transactional security.

Accredited by Controller of Certification Authority (CCA)

The Electronic Transactions Act (ETA) was first enacted on 10 July 1998 to create the legal framework for electronic commerce transactions in Singapore. It was subsequently amended in 2010 to maintain its relevancy in a rapidly changing digital world. Amongst other things, it paved the way for the Minister for Information, Communications and The Arts to make Regulations for the licensing, accreditation and regulation of specified security procedure providers, such as certification authorities (CAs), in Singapore. Netrust is the only accredited CA in Singapore today. CCALogo

Netrust Certificate Services

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Certificate Type Annual Subscription Renewal
Net-ID Corporate and Personal S$60.00 S$60.00
Org-ID Corporate S$250.00 S$250.00

* Charges are not inclusive of a one-time registration fee and 7% GST. Smartcards, tokens and readers are also priced separately.

Storage Devices

USB Cryptographic Tokens

•  eTokens 5110+