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Secure Email for Small Teams or Executives

Freemium Service

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Netrust & Sixscape’s Premier Solution for Secure Business Communication

In an age where digital security is paramount, the importance of email security cannot be overstated. Rising concerns like phishing, BEC attacks, and an overarching emphasis on security, privacy, and compliance underline this need. Netrust and Sixscape have combined forces to unveil a freemium email security service, crafted meticulously for both agile small teams and high-profile executives. Our primary goal? To empower businesses and professionals with robust tools for safe, efficient communication without the associated financial overhead.

Features of Our Freemium Email Security Service

Visual representation of the email turning into an encrypted code
  • Peak Privacy & Security: Our service is anchored in unwavering principles of privacy, security, and compliance. The digital certificate-based email solution guarantees the confidentiality of your organization’s or executive’s crucial communications, shielding them from potential cyber threats.
  • Swift Activation: Step into the realm of encrypted emails almost instantly! Dispatch your inaugural encrypted message after a breezy three-step setup.
  • Trust in Excellence: Our S/MIME certificates, bearing the seal of Singapore’s only IMDA Accredited Certificate Authority, are a testament to our dedication to quality and reliability.
  • Universal Integration: Our email security service is meticulously designed to integrate seamlessly with all mainstream devices and platforms, ensuring uninterrupted access for teams or busy executives, regardless of their location.

Why Choose Netrust & Sixscape for Securing your Email?

  • With a legacy rooted in secure communication and digital identity solutions, Netrust and Sixscape‘s collaborative venture offers an email security service tailored to cater to the distinct requirements of small businesses and individual executives. By selecting our freemium service, you gain:
    • Comprehensive protection for business data and executive communications.
    • An uplift in efficiency courtesy of a fortified email ecosystem.
    • Tangible cost benefits with our complimentary access for up to 50 users or individual executives.
    • The agility to adapt and scale as per your evolving communication needs.
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Embark on Your Email Security Journey – On Us!

Interested in harnessing the myriad advantages of email encryption tailored for teams or executives? Register for our complimentary service now, with provisions for up to 50 users or individual profiles. Complete the registration form, and our adept team will facilitate a seamless transition.

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