Let’s face it – remote work is here to stay. Many businesses that were questioning the effectiveness of remote work in the past are now convinced of the benefits in terms of productivity and performance.
As the number of individuals working from home continues to grow, some businesses find that the traditional way of signing documents and contracts using “wet ink” (i.e., a physical signature in ink on a sheet of paper) may not work in the current COVID-19 pandemic.
As such, we are proud to announce the launch of our new signing platform, nSignHub! It brings several benefits to all kinds of businesses:

1. Saving Time

nSignHub speeds up the document turnaround time, as there is no need to go through the tedious way of signing, printing, scanning, and manually posting a document. With a few clicks, you can process a document within seconds.

2. Cost Savings

Believe it or not, the traditional way of managing paper documents is more costly than using e-signatures to sign documents electronically. According to a 2013 research done by Ombud, “enterprises deploying eSignature solutions are saving an average of $20 per document, reducing turnaround times by up to 80 percent and seeing ROIs over the next five years that can top $50 million”.

3. Legal Compliance

Netrust is the only accredited Certificated Authority in Singapore. Under Singapore’s Electronic Transactions Act, digital signatures are granted the same legal status as handwritten signatures. By using our solution to perform signing, you ensure yourself to be compliant to these legal requirements.

4. Security

nSignHub uses advanced cryptographically-created electronic signatures to guarantee that the document remains unchanged after signing. It is also possible to add an extra layer of security to protect the documents with methods like passcodes and two-factor authentication.

5. Long-Term Validation (LTV)

Documents that are electronically-signed need to remain valid and verifiable. LTV signatures provide proof at the time of signing that the signer’s credentials were valid, that no further changes have been made and also that the document remains valid even if certificates or credentials expire at a later date. This is especially important for legally binding documents such as contracts that could be later disputed in court.

6. Customer Experience

Having a signing platform for your customers to sign electronically saves their time and makes the whole signing experience so much better for them. They can sign documents anywhere, anytime, and using any internet-enabled device they prefer.

If you are interested in nSignHub, you can start a free trial here, or talk to our sales team at sales@netrust.net!