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Digital Signing – Where Do I Start?

We’re on the brink of the Digital Era and soon approaching the post-Digital Era. Many things are slowly being replaced by technology. When ordering food, we will order it through food delivery applications. We book transportation through ride-hailing transport services instead of hailing a taxi from the street. Clearly, technology is an essential tool that we cannot avoid, it plays an

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Everyday PKIs

The PKIs in Our Daily Life

Having worked closely with PKI for about 10 years, the question that is commonly thrown to me is, “Hey, which industry are you from?” typically, when I mention PKI, most people will not have heard of this term before. Although PKI may be a stranger to many of us, it is present in our everyday life and protects us when we

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Work Breakdown Structure WBS

What is WBS and How it Helps in Our Work?

Have you ever wondered if your daily work might be project work? The definition of a project is “a temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique product, service or result”. So, if you are handling project work without you knowing, I would like to share with you a basic tool called “WBS” which might allow you to better manage your work.

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Team Photo

My Journey as a Professional Services Consultant in Netrust

My Journey as a Professional Services Consultant in Netrust Every graduate’s biggest dilemma is finding the right job. How do we actually define the “right” job? The highest paying job? A job in a well-known company? The one that offers the best working hours? The job that allows me to pick up the most relevant skills? Like every typical graduate, these

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Netrust Customer Support During The Pandemic

Netrust Customer Support During The Pandemic Being a Certification Authority of Singapore, we were part of essential services that needed to be operational during the pandemic. Netrust customer support team was available for customers who needed the digital services more than ever. Given the situation, the customers were apprehensive about the need for travel and exposure to the virus. However, Netrust

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