Domain Validation: A Must for CA OV/EV Certificates

In today’s digital age, where almost everything is conducted online, the importance of domain validation in CA certificates cannot be emphasized enough. A correct certificate validation process is vital to ensure a server’s or website’s authenticity. Without proper validation, an attacker can intercept and manipulate the traffic between a client and server undetected, leading to dire consequences. To prevent this from

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Digital Trust, Cybersecurity

Digital Trust in the Digital World: Fostering Cybersecurity with Certificate Authorities

As the world becomes increasingly digital, businesses and individuals rely heavily on online transactions and communications for seamless operations. This shift from in-person transactions to digital interactions presents unique security challenges. In this landscape, fostering digital trust is paramount for maintaining security and integrity of sensitive information. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of building digital trust and explore

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How TLS SSL Keeps Your Data Safe Data Encryption

How TLS/SSL Keeps Your Data Safe!

Generally, people don’t think much about how their data is transmitted across the internet but if you’re responsible for keeping sensitive information safe, it’s important to understand how TLS/SSL works and its importance. TLS (Transport Layer Security) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) are protocols that provide security for communication over networks such as the internet. They use a combination of public

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Secure SSL Encryption HTTPS Certificate

Benefits and Implications of Reduced SSL Certificate Lifespan

The world’s most popular security protocol, SSL/TLS, is a critical part of any organization’s digital strategy. However, since 1 September 2020, Apple started reducing SSL/TLS validity to just 398 days (one year, plus roughly one month to facilitate renewals). This decision was then followed by both Google and Mozilla. These web browser makers believed in the benefits of reduced SSL Certificate

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Everyday PKIs

The PKIs in Our Daily Life

Having worked closely with PKI for about 10 years, the question that is commonly thrown to me is, “Hey, which industry are you from?” typically, when I mention PKI, most people will not have heard of this term before. Although PKI may be a stranger to many of us, it is present in our everyday life and protects us when we

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The Importance of Certificate Management

Certificate management catches faulty, misconfigured, and expired certificates, then performs the following processes: Creating Purchasing Storing Disseminating Deploying Renewing Suspending Revoking Replacing A good certificate management system is capable of performing these actions for an entire certificate infrastructure, automatically and in real-time, to prevent downtime and outages. Why should organization care about Certificate Management? Many years ago, certificates are usually used

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