Netrust Customer Support During The Pandemic

Being a Certification Authority of Singapore, we were part of essential services that needed to be operational during the pandemic. Netrust customer support team was available for customers who needed the digital services more than ever.
Given the situation, the customers were apprehensive about the need for travel and exposure to the virus. However, Netrust processes involved the requirement of face-to-face verification.

How did Netrust Customer Support adapt to the situation?

Netrust process for the verification and authentication of users includes visiting our office for the face verification for digital services.

In lieu of the situation, Netrust has provided customers more options available for the processes of the digital services to be conducted online which were previously handled over the counter. This new additional option in process was a welcoming change as customers were all constrained to be at home.

The whole onboarding process can be completed online and made within our CPS requirements. Authentications were done via video and the particulars were verified via MyInfo through SingPass.

My Info   Digital Services

We are made available on more platforms to serve customer better:
  • Emails
  • Phone calls
  • Live Chat
  • Online purchase for new applications
  • Remote process (troubleshooting)

By default, Netrust saw an average of 20 walk-in customers but these numbers had to be managed. An appointment system was set up to cater to the number of allowed patrons in the vicinity. This allowed us to allocate a specific timing for the customers who visited Netrust and keep up with the MOH guidelines.

Cashless payment options were made available to customers online, as customers were inclined to come down to Netrust to make subscription payment renewals.


What were the Covid-19 protocol safety measures taken?

We followed the government’s protocol by executing a plan which included:

  • Temperature Taking
  • Safe entry Check-in and Check-out
  • Employee ART testing
  • Masks worn at all times
  • No gathering internally
  • Daily disinfection and cleaning of premises

These tests were done daily before operation commencement to ensure safety measures were kept in place.


How did we ensure safety at Netrust?

The visitors have to do their mandatory Safe Entry check in’s and sanitize their hands. Along with that, temperature taking has to be done before moving forward to the counter area. This will be monitored by the customer support personnel who will be later attending to the customer.

Only one customer at a time can be seated at the counter to be served. Maintaining a 1-meter distance at all times. The customer support personnel will ensure customers have worn their masks throughout the process. Hand sanitizers are also provided at individual counters; this is to carry out the role of hand hygiene for the prevention of pathogenic transmission.


Once the customer leaves, we proceed to disinfect the counter before serving the next customer.

Netrust ensures that in times of crisis we will continually provide best practices to serve customers.

At Netrust, You Can Be Sure!

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