See More, Respond Faster with Trend Micro Vision One™

With the recent increase in cyberattacks due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, it is more critical than ever to be aware of your organization’s security posture. The threat landscape is constantly changing, and as malicious actors are always using new tools and tricks, it becomes imperative for organizations to have visibility in their infrastructure so that they can detect and respond faster to threats.

With Trend Micro Vision One, organizations do not have to worry about having limited visibility, as it is able to gather data across different security layers like email, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, and networks and automatically correlate the data to provide meaningful insights to the organization.

See More, Respond Faster with Trend Micro Vision One™

Once an organization has collected all these activity data using sensors, seemingly harmless standalone events can become potential indicators of compromise. Using extended detection and response (XDR) capabilities, it allows organizations to be able to search, investigate, analyze, and respond quickly using a single cloud console. Organizations can also offload the security operations of Trend Micro Vision One to a managed XDR service to provide detailed investigations into advanced threats, threat hunting, and alert monitoring.

Take a look at this video on understanding the risk exposure in the organization using Zero Trust Risk Insights.

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