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Digital Signing 101 Workshop

Singapore Edition singapore-flag

A FREE workshop designed to educate and inform about digital signing.
The Digital Signing 101 Workshop is specially designed to share about basic concepts of digital signing – in Singapore’s context. It is delivered in non-technical language and will be particularly useful to business users who are using or exploring digital signing solutions.
Much of the information about digital signing on the internet today references EU-specific terms and regulations which may not be relevant to organisations based in Singapore. This workshop seeks to clear up confusion and equip participants with fundament knowledge about digital signing so that better business decisions can be made.
Participants will learn about:
  •  What Are Digital Signatures?
  •  Definitions
  •  Types of Signatures
  •  Landscape & Legality in SG
  •  Why Digital Signatures?
  •  Our Solutions
There will also be interactive segments like hands-on activity and a quiz to help participants learn in an engaging way.
Workshop Details
  • Duration: 1hr 30min, including Q&A
  • No. of Participants: Min 5, max 15 per session
  • Who Should Attend: Anyone! No prior knowledge is required.
  • Cost: It’s FREE! You only have to provide a meeting room with good internet access and basic AV equipment.
Simple gather your colleagues and arrange a venue and date at your convenience. We’ll show up and do the rest.