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Traditionally, our customers are from highly-regulated industries who requires high-trust, legal certainty and an on-premise solution. These are now joined by many thousands of smaller organizations who are benefiting from our nSignHub cloud service. No matter cloud or on-premise, we are committed to delivering the latest e-signature technology and a great support service to all our customers.

Enable Long-Term Validation (LTV) for your e-Signatures

To avoid the above risks requires the ability to prove that at the time of signing the signer’s certificate was valid (not revoked or expired). To do this requires proof of the time at which the signature was applied. This is achieved by using a Time Stamp Authority (TSA) to provide trusted time of signing, instead of simply relying on the signer’s claimed time. There is also a need to be able to prove that at the time of signing the signer’s certificate was not revoked – this is where a Validation Authority comes in (based on either OCSP or CRL technology). SigningHub LTV signatures embed timestamps and OCSP/CRL info into the signature at the time of signing. This is done seamlessly and without user involvement:

Complete Document Approval System

nSignHub is a complete solution for document approval workflows, advanced digital signatures & document status tracking. Cloud based services have made it possible to sign from practically anywhere with an internet connection. This might sound like work is always hanging over you, but you can use this technology to your advantage. Electronic signature solutions enable you to briefly step away from your holiday and read, approve and sign a document with ease.
nSignHub is a cloud-based e-signature service that allows the user to send, sign, track and manage signature processes using a browser or mobile device.
  • Full-Fledged Workflow Solution
  • Hosted in Singapore by Netrust
  • Supports E-Signature & Digital Signatures using Netrust Tokens (Net-ID)
  • E-sign documents with Netrust Witness Certificate
  • Data geo-fenced in Singapore
  • Easy onboarding process

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