If you’re based in Singapore, did you know that the Singpass App which was previously used for SafeEntry can be used to perform Digital Signing on electronic documents?

With the advent of the Sign with Singpass functionality (since 5 November 2020), all Singpass application users are able to perform Digital Signatures on their electronic documents using their mobile phones.

Utilizing Digital Signatures has numerous benefits, in the case of Singapore, Digital Signatures are considered as legally binding under the Electronics Transactions Act (ETA), where legal presumption is given to documents which has a Digital Signature applied.

On top of that, gone are the days where users have to own and lug around a physical cryptographic tokens just for the sake of being able to perform Digital Signatures. Your mobile phone is now able to double as your personal cryptographic hardware to facilitate any Digital Signature transactions.

To leverage on the Sign with Singpass service, let’s take a look at nSignSG. An experience centre available now for all Singpass application users to perform digital signing with Sign with Singpass.

nSignSG is powered by Netrust’s nSign Digital Signing Suite, which delivers legally binding document via an asymmetric cryptosystem. Listed below are some key-points for consideration when constructing a Digital Signature using nSignSG.


The nSign Digital Signing Suite utilizes advanced cryptographic algorithms and standards to derive a secure electronic signature. This ensures that the created Digital Signatures offers current and up-to-date protection to secure the document’s integrity.

Long-Term Validation (LTV)

In instances where the document is kept in archive for the foreseeable future, the Digital Signatures need to remain verifiable at all times. A LTV signature is a self-contained Digitally Signed document that embeds information/proof at the time of signing that the signer’s credentials were valid. This allows the signed document to remain valid past the certificate’s or credential’s expiry.


Digitally Signed documents have the assurance that a signee is unable to deny the authorship of a signed document. In the event of disputes, under the Electronic Transactions Act (ETA) the onus will be on the signee to prove that the signee did not apply the Digital Signature.

nSign Digital Signing Suite

nSignSG integrates easily with REST API to existing backend application to enable Sign with Singpass functionality. Apart from Sign with Singpass, a myriad of other functionalities is also offered which can be tailored to specific needs e.g backend signing and desktop signing.

With all that said, what better way to understand the Sign with Singpass service than to experience it yourself. Head over to nSignSG to try out the Sign with Singpass service at no cost and with any document(s)! All you need to have on hand is your Singpass Mobile App.

Should you have any further queries regarding Sign with Singpass integration and/or the nSign Digital Signing Suite, please email our sales team at sales@netrust.net.