Transitioning from physical signing to digital signing offers numerous benefits in terms of efficiency, convenience, and cost savings. Understanding your organisation’s needs is crucial when choosing a digital signing solution.


Gain a clear understanding of your organisation’s digital signing requirements, such as the number of documents that need signing, the desired level of security, and mobile accessibility.

Consider the roles of signatories involved, including the number of people who will be signing documents. If you have multiple signatories with different roles, you may need a solution that supports serial or parallel signing workflows and allows for the customization of signing rules.

Assess the security needs of the documents you sign. Determine if your business requires advanced encryption, secure storage of digital certificates, or compliance with specific security standards, particularly if you handle sensitive or confidential information.


Determine whether your business requires mobile accessibility for digital signing. If your signatories frequently work remotely or need to sign documents on the go, consider a solution that offers mobile applications or responsive web interfaces for convenient access.

By thoroughly evaluating these factors, you can select a solution that meets your specific requirements and enhances the efficiency of your signing processes.


Netrust being an IMDA-accredited public CA is a trusted 3rd party provider of digital signing solutions. Here are the steps you can take to choose the right digital signing solution provided:

  1. Research us: Conduct thorough research on our company by exploring our website. If you are reading this blog post, you have already taken the first step. Explore our range of digital signing solutions to find the one that best suits your specific requirements.
  2. Evaluate Security and Compliance: Being an IMDA-accredited public CA, Netrust issues certificates that are highly trusted and hold legal presumption in Singapore’s court of law under the Electronic Transactions Act.
  3. Authentication Methods: Validating digitally signed documents is made easy by using widely used document readers such as Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF documents or Microsoft Word for Word documents. These readers maintain lists of trusted Certificate Authorities (CAs), including Netrust. CAs must meet specific criteria set by the document reader manufacturers to be added to the trusted CA list. Examples of CA trust programs are the Adobe Approved Trust List and the Microsoft Trusted Root Program. Digital certificates issued by Netrust align with global standards and are trusted worldwide.
  4. Document Tracking & Audit Trail: When using e-signature workflow systems, important information such as the timestamp of the e-signature request, the IP address of the user, and the browser used during the signing process is recorded as audit trails. These audit trails serve as evidence to validate the e-signatures.
  5. Customer Support: Our Netrust staff are specialised in the field of PKI services and can advise you on your needs as your digital signing partner. The customer and technical support teams of Netrust are located in Singapore, ensuring prompt assistance and support for your needs.



At Netrust, we offer multiple digital signing solutions to cater to your organisation’s needs. Refer below to learn each solution’s features and benefits.


Experience the convenience of a web-based platform that allows you to generate digital signatures on PDF documents utilizing Singpass, completely free of charge. With no registration or setup required, it’s easy to get started and begin signing documents seamlessly.


Our comprehensive electronic workflow solution provides a feature-rich platform for sending, signing, tracking, and managing signing processes. The data is securely geo-fenced within Singapore, ensuring data protection and compliance.

The solution supports both electronic signatures and digital signatures, including the convenient Sign with Singpass feature at no additional cost. As an added layer of security, electronic signatures are automatically wrapped with a digital witness certificate, providing enhanced protection without any extra charges.

This all-in-one cloud-based platform is ideal for users and companies seeking seamless document signing and management capabilities. It supports multiple identities and signers, as well as various signature types within a single document, making it highly versatile and adaptable to your specific needs.


Document signing certificates, also known as digital certificates or digital IDs, enable you to add a digital signature to a document, providing proof of the sender’s identity. These certificates come with several benefits, including low-cost and unlimited signing capabilities.

They are automatically trusted by Adobe programs through the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) and Microsoft programs. The nSignBasic Individual certificates qualify as Secure Electronic Signatures (SES) in Singapore, ensuring their legal validity.

These certificates can be issued to individuals or organisations, with the option to include additional information such as a professional ID. They are particularly suitable for users and companies seeking to create legally recognized, publicly trusted digital signatures in Adobe PDF documents. The certificates are optimized for single identity and signer usage, ensuring ease of use and reliability.


Empower your business applications to conduct digital signing effortlessly through easy-to-integrate REST APIs. These APIs are highly configurable, allowing seamless integration with your existing applications or the option to use them as a standalone application. Our APIs support various file types and transaction data, ensuring flexibility and versatility. You can implement them on web, mobile, or desktop platforms based on your organisation’s preferences.


Safeguard the integrity of your physical documents offline using specially generated QR codes. These QR codes can be scanned using any standard QR code reader or a custom-built mobile application. The presentation of documents with nSignQR codes does not require any special handling, making it a convenient and user-friendly solution.

In conclusion, selecting the right digital signing solution for your business in Singapore is a crucial decision. It involves understanding your organisation’s specific requirements and evaluating the different solutions available.

Netrust offers the nSign Digital Signing Suite which includes various digital signing solutions to cater to different needs. By thoroughly assessing your business’s needs and considering the factors mentioned, you can make an informed decision and choose the digital signing solution that best fits your requirements.

If you are still uncertain about which digital signing solution to choose, we invite you to request a demo or trial. You can book a no-obligation 30-minute discussion with us where we can provide guidance and advice on the best digital signing solution that aligns with your specific needs. Reach out to us at now.

Making the transition from physical signing to digital signing can bring numerous benefits in terms of efficiency, convenience, and cost savings. By partnering with a trusted provider like Netrust and selecting the right digital signing solution, you can enhance your organisation’s signing processes and streamline your document management workflows.


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