Engaging Corporate Banking Services Through Secure Electronic Signatures with nSignBasic

In today’s context, with the dramatic global increase in digital transformation acceleration, there is an increasing need for businesses and individuals to switch to electronic signature solutions even in the banking industry.

Banks, which are known to maintain hardcopy documents due to requirements and financial audits, have made changes to digitalize in order to keep in step with the worldwide digital transformation and above all, for the convenience of clients.

With the new flexibility and the advantage of adopting an electronic signature, customers can now digitally sign documents using electronic signatures from the approved service providers to complete a corporate banking transaction anytime and anywhere.

Embarking on electronic signatures, not only helps to reduce businesses’ carbon footprint but also improves the efficiency rate of process time by eliminating the handling of hardcopy documents and courier services.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Netrust, a certification authority accredited by IMDA since 2001, is proud to be part of this digital journey transformation. OCBC Bank’s corporate banking clients can use a Netrust nSignBasic Token to sign on bank documents digitally and submit them electronically.

To understand more about Netrust, the security of using electronic signing and how to use the Netrust Token for signing, do check out the blog sharing about Netrust nSignBasic – The New Face of Document Signing.


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