nSignBasic – The New Face of Document Signing

With the plan of improving the lives of citizens and creating more opportunities, Singapore was progressing towards a Smart Nation by using digital technology to the fullest. However, the unforeseen pandemic arrival has forced many to transition to the digital world for continuity in everyday life.

Many were fastened on the traditional method of printing documents and signing them and it was common knowledge that everyone working at home had limited or no access to physical document printing and endorsements, furthermore there was no guarantee that these documents were indeed signed off by the creator or the authorized personnel.

Therefore the significance of Document Signing emerged.

As industries continued the transition from traditional to online solutions, the main factors that needed focus were cost-effectiveness, being environmentally friendly, reduced response time and mainly needed to ensure the documents they access are trusted and secure.


nSignBasic is designed for everyday users who need to sign off documents, which replaces physical signatures and meets the local legal requirements for acceptance of digital signatures such as the Electronic Transactions Act (ETA) in Singapore.

The creator, document authenticity and trust will be established through nSignBasic which is compatible with Adobe® PDF documents that provide non-repudiation for the lifetime of a document. The integrity of the document is verified using cryptography (PKI technology) to ensure the contents of the document have not been altered from the time of signing and the most secure source of digital signature.


nSignBasic is a trusted and verified source of document signing solution that uses two-factor authentication. Being a member of the Adobe® Approved Trust List (AATL) and Microsoft Trusted Root Certificate Program, it is automatically trusted by Adobe and Microsoft programs.

The proof of authenticity is verified by identity, document legal credibility, tampering proof and validity of the signature. The visual trust indicators prove the publisher’s identity and that the document was not altered. The presence and validity of digital signatures, verify the unaltered integrity of the document after signing.

Overall key factors:

  • Accredited Certification Authority for 20+ years
  • Security trust seals
  • Real-time assurance
  • Adobe® Approved Trust List (AATL)
  • Long Term Validation (LTV)
  • FIPS compliant cryptographic USB token, Hardware security modules (HSM) and cloud-based HSM.

nSignBasic will be a beneficial choice to transition to as it will ease the apprehension of everyday users who need to move to the digital world and need guidance. With the assistance from our trained and dedicated support employees who will make it more seamless and reassuring.

Begin the transition with the first step, feel free to contact Netrust for any queries or browse through our Buy Now site to learn more.