With recent global events, many businesses are adopting, or at least temporarily accepting, a work-from-home model. Cybersecurity experts all over the world are raising the alarm about the increased threat of data breaches.

Working remotely extends the data risk plane. While this is the right response to mitigate the current concerns, enabling a distributed workforce does come with its own set of considerations that must be addressed. Company desktops, Laptops, USBs and other removable media devices used by staff often contain sensitive information. As a result, what is the most crucial question of all? Are you satisfied if your data will be adequately safeguarded if a device is stolen, lost, or accessed, or if your collaboration tools are hacked?

When, where and who does Data Encryption?

SecureDoc integrates existing technologies with new advanced solutions to deliver transparent data encryption, based on the 3WE approach. This is the right way to reduce common security challenges and protect your information.

The 3WE Approach

Where must data be encrypted?

The industry as a whole does not adequately educate customers on WHERE data must be encrypted. We believe that data should be encrypted everywhere, even in memory.

SecureDoc unifies and simplifies encryption with more devices and VMs than any other provider. This enables you to encrypt more data with less effort and cost.


When… should data be encrypted?

When data should be encrypted is a point of contention among data security experts. There is no debate at Netrust. We believe that data should be encrypted at all times, except while the CPU is processing it in microseconds. Businesses may focus on building their business rather than reviewing data classification threats and using random encryption rules by guaranteeing that data is always encrypted.


Who… as few people as needed?

While information sharing is often critical to a company’s success, it can also be a major point of failure in terms of data security. Too often, organizations rely on encryption solutions that rely insufficiently on shared passwords and PINs or give too many users Administrator Rights – simply because it’s easier. SecureDoc uses user-based keys to ensure that only the user, any approved group users, approved enterprise admins, and any approved recipient ever have access to the data – providing greater security control at the data level.

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